Talk Is Cheap is a non-profit that focuses on building character, establishing confidence and instilling hope in the lives of young people everywhere. I want them to know that when I stand before them that I am standing in the presence of...GREATNESS!

David Kohout, Founder

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If you truly are looking for an event that will change the hearts and minds of your students and staff, then I give the highest recommendation to David Kohout of Talk Is Cheap, Inc.
— Tim Saxton

Wow—what an amazing impact he had on the students, staff and the entire community. I’ve been in education for 41 years and can honestly say nobody has even come close to making a difference in a school as David has done.
— John Young
His words inspire many – to the point that both students and teachers have asked that he keep returning to share his message. To say that his message left an impression on the students and adults would be an understatement.
— Eileen Updegrove

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