What's changed? We have!

Morning & Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wanted to share a couple of pics and a thought. As we steamroll into 2016, I just wonder how many faithful are still praying for our Nation, our President and our Leaders. The USA isn't sick, we are.

Before you get defensive, just think, who moved, God or us? He blessed this Country, He gave us inalienable rights, what's happened? One verse, two pics and I am done. 2 Chronicles is from the Old Testament, Jews and Christians alike believe in this section of scripture. Look what it says, "if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Nothing has changed with that verse accept those who could usher it in!

The verse starts with "IF" because God has given us the freedom to choose, and choose we have! I am asked all the time, do you think kids are worse today than in years past, my answer is always the same, "NO", their home lives are, their upbringing is, the lack of discipline and consequences! That's a whole other issue, simply put, in 1981, the year I graduated from Boardman HS, we had a Rifle Team. YEP, A RIFLE TEAM!!! They walked into BHS with their guns and then after school went over to Boardman Center, a middle school to practice! What changed, WE DID!

Do you wanna make America great again, it WILL NOT be through government, it has broken people overseeing it, we need to get back to what God has called us to do; HUMBLE ourselves, PRAY, SEEK HIM/God, TURN from our wicked ways!" Listen, I don't want a dialog here, you have your thoughts, I have mine, I just wanted to share because as I looked for the pic to show you our 1981 Rifle Team at BHS and I spoke yesterday at Western Reserve Local Schools, well, I'll let the pictures say the rest. Let's STOP competing and START completing! God bless you, cry out to HIM for the change we need in the USA/World,  love ya, Shalom!

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